LA Track Worlds are done. Again I had no competition so no medal or jersey but maximum points and a ray of hope. Louis Barbeau the head of the UCI asked to speak with me personally and told me he was going to find a way to rectify my situation because he never thought there would be a situation like mine. We as a team are coming home with 2 Double World Champions and 3 World Champions so all in all a fantastic trip. I had big support while I was there Daniel MacPherson and his beautiful girlfriend Zoe Ventoura came down to watch the racing as well as my wonderful boss Jason Hellwig CEO APC. We got to tour a bit this time Ive been to Santa Monica Venice Beach Muscle Beach(OOOOHHH YUCK)  Hollywood stood on Stars of the Stars got my own Star went to Ripleys Believe it or Not and the Wax Museum We trained every day on Long Beach We saw Pink and her husband Carey and David Beckham Training. At the airport waiting to come home to what Ive been told will be a wonderful surprise belated first Valentines Day as Mrs Jayme Richardson can't wait.